Maasi. KrishnaMurthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A 

Adhyathmika Kshethram



It is with our liberal donations we are feeding the hungry, helpless, discarded, despised, bipeds with affection and devotion. The old age beneficiaries depending on the bounty of annam (food) given by the samajam are really the thrown outs by the merciless and remorseless children and cruel and ingrate family members. Their heart rending tales touched the human members of the samajam. In consequence the President and the members of the Adhayathimika Kshethram have decided to offer protection to them in their humbly way in an asram, where food for stomach, shade for head and peace for mind till they make their final exist from this world. This pious ennobling act is the brain child of the Sri Maasi. Krishna Murthy and Kathi Mamatha, Advocates.


  • Maasi. Krishna Murthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A
    (Advocate, Correspondent of Dr.P.M.R.I.T.C. Tirupati)
  • Secretary,
  • Adhyathmika Kshethram,
  • Tirupati -517507- Cell:+91-9247125404


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