Maasi. KrishnaMurthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A 

Adhyathmika Kshethram



Listen : Would gifting of elephants, horses and cows in numbers crores be equal to Annadhanam; no certainly not, or giving vessels made of gold and silver come near to Annadhanam; no, no, never; or giving the whole mass of land on this planet earth stand a match to annadanam, never for ever, or giving crores of high caste virgins be equated with annadanam; no, no, none of these supreme and ever memorable virtues claim equality with annadanam; for, it is only here when the kshudarti—hungry man fed sumptuously, utters with fully throated ease “May the feeder live in peace” Annadata Sukhibhava..


  • Maasi. Krishna Murthy M.A.B.L.M.B.A
    (Advocate, Correspondent of Dr.P.M.R.I.T.C. Tirupati)
  • Secretary,
  • Adhyathmika Kshethram,
  • Tirupati -517507- Cell:+91-9247125404


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